10 Signs of a Plumbing Catastrophe Waiting to Happen

August 24, 2023


One of the worst things that can happen is coming home from a relaxing vacation only to discover a serious plumbing catastrophe. This is one surprise every homeowner can do without.

Here are 10 signs of an impending plumbing disaster to look out for:

Low water pressure

If you step into the shower and all you get is a trickle, then you may have a plumbing issue on your hands. Low water pressure may indicate that there is something clogging up the pipes.

Slow drainage

Every now and then sinks and showers are slow to drain if there is hair or soap scum clogging up the pipes. But when it seems like all sinks and showers have this issue, then there may be a clog in the main sewer line.

Brown spots

If you see a brown spot on the ceiling, then there’s likely a water leak directly above it. Be sure to identify the source of the leak before repairing the ceiling.

Noisy pipes

Rattling pipes may be caused by poorly secured pipes or something called a “water hammer”, which occurs when the flow of water suddenly stops or changes direction and creates a shock wave.

Foul odors

Bathroom and kitchen sinks are home to tons of bacteria that can cause strange smells. If you notice a particularly foul smell, then there may be a block or break in the sewer line.

High water bills

Unless you’ve suddenly started using more water than usual, a spike in your water bill may indicate a major leak in the plumbing system.

Peeling paint or wallpaper

If you notice peeling paint or wallpaper in the bathroom, you may have a leak. Make sure to identify the cause of the leak before patching it up.

Gurgling toilet

Cute babies gurgle. Toilets should not. If your toilet starts to gurgle, you may have a blocked vent stack or a blocked sewer line.

Mold growth

Mold growth on cabinets or walls is a scary sign of a leak. Be sure to have your plumbing inspected as soon as possible.

Clogged toilets

If your toilet regularly refuses to flush without the help of a plunger, then the cause could be deep inside your plumbing system. You may have a clogged sewer or a backed-up septic system.

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