Vintage Plumbing Retrofit in Kansas City, MO & KS

So you want to remodel your bathroom, kitchen, or some area of your home and you want that antique but modern look for that area. That is a great idea and it seems to be the trend on the latest home improvement shows. After you find that perfect statement tub or sink, however, there are a few reasons to consider having a professional help with the installation.

Though it looks easy on the shows, retrofitting your vintage plumbing to meet modern needs can be a bit tricky. You have a vision for exactly what you are wanting to do for your remodel, but maybe not the experience to make it happen. Many vintage tubs, stools and sinks aren’t built for today’s modern equipment or needs. Our Kansas City master plumbers have years of experience to help you retrofit your plumbing and get the exact look you had in mind.

Bargain Mansions

Recently, we helped Tamara Day with Growing Days, complete her dream kitchens and baths for her show “Bargain Mansions” (as pictured). Being able to turn 100year old dilapidated houses into modern and livable spaces was an honor and a challenge. We help homeowners on a daily basis achieve their desired look no matter the circumstances.

There are tutorials on doing it on yourself but getting the parts you need to retrofit these fixtures is probably the biggest issue you are going to have with anything antique. They just simply don’t make most, if not any, of those parts anymore. That means if you are doing this project by yourself, you are either going to have to track down those hard to come by parts or custom make your own fittings. Why not just let one of our master plumbers do all that leg work for you? They’ll have the resources to either find that specific part or be skilled enough to make that custom fitting you need.

Vintage Plumbing in Kansas City Done Right

If you try and do these things yourself and it seems to work fine but a week later it starts leaking. Trying to figure out what happened can be a huge headache. When using Hamilton Plumbing, Heating, A/C & Rooter, you will have our 100% satisfaction guarantee backing up the work. That means we are going to do it right the first time, but if anything does happen we will be right back out there to take care of it. We will not rest until everything is working perfectly and you are happy with that outcome. If you want to learn more, call our team at 913-227-4943 or contact us online.