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Have a look at your old furnace. Is it trying to tell you something? You bet it is! It’s saying it’s old, inefficient and needs to be replaced.

Now, have a look at your energy bill. Pretty shocking, isn’t it? Just imagine the pleasant shock when your energy bills are cut by nearly half. Sounds pretty good, huh?

Hamilton Plumbing, Heating, A/C & Rooter can install a new high efficiency furnace that will save you a considerable amount of money every month. It’s true! And, with energy prices going through the roof it only makes sense to make the switch. Many of our units even qualify for tax breaks to save you even more money.

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Along with saving you money, Hamilton gives you peace of mind knowing that your new furnace installation is backed by an honest, trustworthy company. We’ve been here for 35 years and we’re not going anywhere.

We’ll carefully assess your home, your comfort needs, your budget and we’ll even consider indoor air quality issues to make sure your new system meets your expectations for comfort and energy savings.


"Alfonso was a bit early to the appt, which was great, and did a heck of an awesome job taking care of our needs! I've had them out three times in six months to deal with stuff and they've always been great."
- Johnny

"Brandon was extremely polite and kind. He even closed doors behind him and turned off lights where necessary. He shared some opinions with me that would protect my furnace, too. He is a great representative of Hamilton!"
- Kitsy

"Our tech was extremely helpful, professional, and kind. He explained the problem and solution respectfully without being condescending. He waived our consultation fee. Really nice guy! They were very responsive to my call and had a tech out in no time! Highly recommend!"
- Anna


Our furnace installations increase home efficiency in Kansas City. These efficiency gains are good for the environment and decrease energy consumption.

PACE Financing helps make energy-efficient upgrades possible for homeowners, and Hamilton is proud to be a licensed dealer in Kansas City.

Click here to find out more about the program, and be sure to ask us about PACE Financing options for your new furnace installation!


First and foremost, Hamilton NATE Certified technicians are experts in the installation of your new furnace. Our furnace installation process includes careful calibration for comfort, safety and energy savings.

We’ll care for your home as if it were our own. We’ll use work mats, wear shoe covers and when the installation is completed we’ll haul away the old unit and completely clean the work area. You’ll never know we were there, except for the beautiful, new furnace we leave behind.

Because of our commitment to excellence, we have earned over 8,000 five-star reviews from satisfied customers just like you. Don’t be surprised when you get a call from us following up to make sure you are happy with our people, our products and our installation. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Whether it’s the hottest day of summer or the coldest winter day in Kansas, heat pumps are a great home comfort system as they do the job of an air conditioner and a furnace. Unlike a furnace, a heat pump doesn’t burn fuel to heat your home. It uses electricity to heat your home in the winter and keep it cool in the summer.

Today’s heat pumps feature advanced technology and options to provide you and your family with quiet, energy efficient and comfortable heating and cooling. There are even hybrid heat pumps that allow you to respond to unpredictable utility costs by switching from gas and electric heat, this is an economical option for homes with gas and electricity.

At Hamilton Plumbing, Heating, A/C & Rooter we are the area’s leading heat pump authority and we’d be happy to explain all benefits heat pumps provide and help determine which system will properly heat and cool your home . . . while saving you a lot of money on your utility bills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a new furnace in Kansas City?

The cost of a new furnace will vary depending on factors such as the brand, model, size, efficiency rating, the size of your home and any additional features or services included in the installation. In Kansas City, our professional installers and comfort advisors will work with you to determine what's right for your home and give you pricing before we begin any work.

Why does it cost so much to install a furnace?

Furnace installation costs can include various factors like labor, materials, permits, disposal of the old unit, and any additional modifications required for installation. The job is best left to professionals, considering the complexity of the installations and the potential safety hazards if something goes wrong. Call the pros at Hamilton to assist you!

How many hours does it take to install a furnace?

Your furnace installation will probably take several hours -- sometimes all day -- to complete. Your Hamilton comfort advisor will let you know before the installation begins about how long it will take. The timing depends on several factors, which vary from home to home.

How often is a furnace replaced?

The frequency of furnace replacement depends on several factors, including the quality of the furnace, how well it's maintained, and the climate conditions it operates in. On average, furnaces can last between 10 to 15 years before needing replacement, but this can vary. Your Hamilton comfort advisor can give you a good idea when you get your furnace installed.

Are you properly licensed and insured?

Yes! Hamilton Plumbing, Heating, A/C & Rooter is properly licensed and insured. For something as important as furnace installation, you should only trust licensed and insured HVAC professionals to do the work. Give us a call today!