5 Signs of a Malfunctioning Furnace

August 18, 2023

It’s been a cold winter and your furnace has likely been running daily for months, keeping your family nice and warm. If you’ve kept up on maintenance, then your furnace should be in good condition. If you spot any of the following signs, however, then you need to have your furnace inspected ASAP.

No heat.

A few potential causes of no heat could be a defective thermostat, a shut-off gas valve, a missing filter, an ajar blower door, a shut-off furnace switch, or the pilot light is out.

Some models are designed to not turn on if no filter is detected. Make sure the filter is clean and properly inserted. The same goes for the blower door; if it is removed or open, the furnace may not turn on, so make sure it is fully closed.

The pilot light should always be on, as it is a small flame that provides ignition for the burners. If you’ve followed the instructions in the owner's manual and the pilot light still doesn’t come on, reach out to 4 Eco Services for quick and professional service.

Not enough heat.

If the furnace is not heating your home to the desired temperature, the issue may be a clogged filter, leaking air ducts, blocked registers, discolored burner flame or a loose blower belt.

Installing a clean filter could be the simple solution for a malfunctioning furnace. Or, the registers may be closed or blocked. Check the registers throughout your home and make sure they’re all open.

If the burner flame in your furnace is not a bright blue color, then there may be an issue with the combustion. Reach out to an HVAC specialist to resolve this issue, and don’t try to fix this on your own.

Loud noise.

A loud furnace could be caused by insufficient lubrication or a tight, loose, or aging belt. An HVAC specialist should be able to quickly and easily fix these issues.

Malfunctioning thermostat.

A thermostat may not be working properly if it is in the wrong location, improperly installed or not completely level.

Gas odor.

A gas odor is a serious and dangerous sign. If you smell gas, exit the home immediately and don’t touch anything electrical. Call the gas supplier and the fire department to handle the situation.

Last Updated: September 06, 2023