4 Potential Causes of a Soggy Spot in Your Yard

August 18, 2023

4 Potential Causes of a Soggy Spot in Your Yard

The only thing worse than having dry, yellow patches in your yard is having soggy spots. Unfortunately, soggy spots are usually noticed the hard way — by stepping into one. If you’ve noticed a soggy spot in your yard, there are four potential causes: a leak in the waterline, a leaking sprinkler system, a leaking septic system, or a drainage problem.

1. Leak in the water line

Every home’s water meter should have a leak detection dial. If there is a leak, the dial will be spinning. If your home doesn’t have a leak detection dial, turn off all faucets in the house and write down the water meter number. Wait 15 minutes and write down the new meter number. If the numbers are not the same, then you can be certain you’ve got a water leak.

2. Leaking sprinkler system

You can use a similar method to check for leaks in your sprinkler system. In your sprinkler box, turn off the ball valves to shut off the water supply to the sprinkler system. If the leak detection dial is moving, then you know that the leak is coming from your sprinkler system.

3. Leaking septic system

If the spot has a sewage odor, then you’ve got a septic system problem. A leaking septic system will also cause the grass to be oddly green or very brightly colored. If the leak is extensive, you might even have puddles or raw sewage on your lawn — definitely a sign of a plumbing emergency.

4. Drainage trouble

The cause of soggy spots may simply be issues with drainage. Simple solutions may include fixing the gutter system, installing a French drain, and installing or fixing the sump pump.

The Root of the Problem

All four of these issues may have been caused by root penetration and/or a collapsed pipe.

Tree roots can exert serious pressure on underground pipes and cause them to crack or burst. Even small trees can cause trouble if their roots get too close to your pipes. Over time, the soil in your yard may cause old pipes to collapse, leading to low water pressure or a sewer clog.

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