5 Signs Your Water Softener Needs Attention

August 23, 2023

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A water softener is a small luxury that many Americans enjoy on a regular basis without breaking the bank. There are many benefits to having a water softener, such as softer laundry and showers that don’t leave skin dry or itchy. When a water softener isn’t working properly, here are a few signs to look out for.

1. Cloudy dishes

 One of the benefits of a water softener is clearer water glasses and dishes. If you start noticing that dishes have a cloudy appearance, then it’s likely that hard water deposits are not being dissolved very well by soap and a malfunctioning water softener may be the cause. 

2. Floating particles in your water

 One sign of a water softener that needs attention is sand-like particles floating in the water. These particles may be broken resin beads. If you spot these in the water, then you need to put the water softener into “bypass” mode and avoid using plumbing until a professional can assess and fix the issue. The resin beads will likely need to be cleaned or completely replaced. 

3. Hard water spots

 This is an obvious sign that the water softener is broken. Hard water spots can be found on shower doors, porcelain tubs or sinks. Hard water spots can be white, cloudy spots or discolored, with a rust-like color. A properly functioning water softener will not leave mineral deposits in your sinks and showers. 

4. Dry or itchy skin

One major reason homeowners choose a water softener is skin sensitivities. A water softener removes the harsh chemicals and minerals that can leave skin dry or itchy. If you notice that your skin feels dry or itchy after showering or washing your hands, then it’s very likely your water softener has stopped working. 

5. Low water pressure

 If you suddenly notice that the water pressure has decreased, then you may have a more serious plumbing issue on your hands. Either mineral deposits have broken free inside your pipes or the resin beads have been broken and need to be replaced. 

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