5 Tips for Preventing a Plumbing Disaster

August 24, 2023

5 Tips for Preventing a Plumbing Disaster

You want your plumber to be nice, but at the same time you don’t want to see them very often. When you do see them, however, you want your plumber to be an expert. Here are a few expert plumbing tips to keep your home in good shape and the plumber away.

Have a container for trash in the bathroom.

It’s easy to just throw paper towels and feminine hygiene products down the drain and forget about the risk of clogging the toilet. To help you withstand the temptation, have a trash bin in the bathroom. The only things that should ever be flushed down the drain are toilet paper and bodily waste.

Don’t use drop-in cleaners.

We’re all busy and the last thing any homeowner wants to do is manually clean their toilets every week. A drop-in cleaner can seem like a simple and effective alternative. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to cleaning chemicals can damage pipes and lead to serious problems. Prevent a plumbing disaster by using safe cleaners sparingly.

Use a strainer in the kitchen sink.

Your kitchen sink puts up with a lot on a daily basis and so it deserves extra care and special precautions. Use a strainer to catch food scraps and other debris. Avoid disposing of pasta, rice, grease and coffee grounds in the sink and use a garbage bin instead.

Know where the main water shutoff valve is located.

You may take all the precautionary measures we’ve just described, but if you don’t know how to shut off water to your home during a plumbing emergency, then you’re setting yourself up for a serious plumbing catastrophe. Make sure everyone in your home knows where the main water shutoff valve is located. Test the main water valve every now and then to make sure it isn’t stuck.

Don’t hang clothing or wet cloths on pipes.

Exposed pipes under sinks, near washers and dryers and in unfinished basements can be useful for hanging clothes or wet cloths. But convenience should not take precedence over caution. Plumbing pipes are not designed to support weight from a row of clothes and should be kept clear.

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Last Updated: August 24, 2023