5 Useful Facts About Water Filters

August 21, 2023

5 Useful Facts About Water Filters

Every day, we head to the refrigerator for a glass of cold water. We expect the water to be clean and refreshing. Every now and then, a red light on our refrigerator reminds us that the water filter needs to be replaced. If the filter is not quickly replaced, then the water starts to taste strange. Here are a few useful facts about water filters every homeowner should know.

1. Water filtration systems use activated carbon and charcoal filters to treat water.

An activated carbon filter removes contaminants through catalytic reduction or adsorption. In adsorption, negatively charged contaminant ions are attracted to the positively charged activated carbon, removing organic compounds that affect taste, odor and color. Catalytic reduction can remove residual disinfectants such as chlorine and chloramines, as well as hydrogen sulfide.

Charcoal filters purify water through adsorption and help remove chlorine, chlorine bi-products, chloride, pesticides, herbicides, nitrate and many other chemicals.

2. Depending on the type of filtration system, filters will need to be changed periodically.

Service cycles for water filters vary. A service cycle can be determined by a specific number of gallons or months. Homeowners should follow manufacturer recommendations.

3. Filter cartridges must be installed according to exact size specifications.

It’s important to buy the correct cartridge for a water treatment system. Even the smallest size difference could allow water to escape the cartridge and go around it, rather than through it. Homeowners should follow manufacturer recommendations to ensure water is filtered properly.

4. Water filters need to be replaced in refrigerators, dishwashers, and sinks.

Replacing the water filter in the fridge may be obvious, but homeowners can easily forget about the dishwasher and kitchen sink. Depending on how often you use the dishwasher, the water filter will need to be replaced to make sure your dishes are cleaned with purified water. If your kitchen faucet dispenses drinking water, then make sure to change the water filter regularly.

5. If your water tastes gross and takes a while to dispense, then it’s time to change the filter.

If you’ve not followed manufacturer recommendations for replacing the water filter, then you may be suddenly reminded of your neglected water filter with a taste of unpleasant water. If you have any questions about replacing water filters or upgrading your home water filtration system, please don’t hesitate to call the Hamilton Plumbing, Heating, A/C, Rooter team at (913) 227-4943!

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