7 Home Improvement Tips For Energy Savings This Winter

August 23, 2023

7 Home Improvement Tips For Energy Savings This Winter

There are many ways to conserve energy and reduce costs this winter. Simple home improvement steps can really add up and contribute to energy savings that help lower monthly utility bills.

1. Upgrade insulation.

The attic is an important place to start improving the home’s overall insulation and comfort. Homeowners should install insulation that has at least an R-38 value. R-value is a measure of how resistant an insulating material is to heat flow. Colder regions in the Northeast may need a minimum of R-49.

2. Add a radiant barrier to the roof deck or attic ceiling.

A radiant barrier reflects, rather than absorbs, radiant heat. This highly reflective material, when combined with insulation, provides an extra level of energy efficiency.

Homeowners should consider applying a radiant barrier to the underside of the decking to help extend the life of their roof and increase energy efficiency throughout the home.

3. Caulk and weather-strip the windows.

Walk around the entire home and look for air leaks near windows, doors, and crawl spaces. Seal up windows to help keep warm air inside during the winter and reduce the burden of the heating system.

4. Install dual-pane windows.

A single-pane window offers little protection from outdoor weather. Upgrading to dual-pane windows will go a long way to reducing heat loss and conserving energy all winter long.

Dual pane windows have two panes of ⅛ inch-thick glass separated by a space filled with argon gas, which acts as an additional barrier.

5. Replace the home’s siding.

The only way to make siding more energy efficient is to replace it. Patching up siding won’t make a big difference.

Homeowners should install a ¾ inch foam insulation behind all siding for maximum energy efficiency.

6. Upgrade the front door.

If the frame is cracked or the door is missing caulking, now is a good time to seal it back up. Replacing the front door with a fiberglass insulated entry door could also help minimize heat loss.

7. Schedule routine HVAC maintenance.

After going through all of the DIY home energy improvement steps, homeowners should schedule routine HVAC maintenance to ensure their system is working properly.

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