7 Signs Your Heater Needs Service

August 24, 2023

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Winter is just around the corner and that means your heater will be running on full blast pretty soon, if it isn’t already. The average furnace has a lifespan of about 15 years, but even if it’s still working well, there may be signs that it’s showing its age.

1. There’s a pool of water near or under the furnace.

If you see a pool of water near or under your furnace, then you may have a clogged condensate line. This is an issue best handled by a professional, as it requires expertise in both HVAC systems and plumbing to resolve.

2. Your home smells like rotten eggs — a sure sign of a gas leak.

This is the loudest 911 call your furnace will make. If you smell gas, then shut off the furnace immediately. Then, turn off the gas supply valve. Don’t light any matches or turn on any lights in the home and call your local HVAC technician immediately. We’d also recommend leaving the house until the issue is resolved.

3. The furnace is louder than usual.

If the furnace is making a thumping, scraping or banging noise, then there’s definitely something off in the system. Reach out to a Hamilton Plumbing, Heating, A/C & Rooter HVAC technician to identify the cause of the noise and we’ll get it taken care of in no time.

4. The air is barely flowing out of the vents.

This is an issue that you may also spot with your car’s heater. If your furnace is hardly blowing any air out of the vents, then there may be serious issues with belts and motors.

5. The thermostat is not accurately displaying the indoor temperature.

A thermostat can stop working properly as a result of electrical issues, like loose wiring, blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. Thermostats can be tricky to fix as there is a risk of electric shock, so we definitely recommend leaving this job to the experts.

6. Your utility bill is unusually high.

Your furnace may be running inefficiently if your heating bill has gone through the roof without a significant increase in use. The cause can be difficult to figure out on your own and may require checking the ductwork.

7. Your furnace is running sprints, instead of a marathon.

If your furnace is constantly turning on and off after short periods, then the issue may be a clogged filter, improper air circulation or a malfunctioning thermostat.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Hamilton Plumbing, Heating, A/C & Rooter team to schedule eco-friendly and efficient HVAC service. We’re happy to help get your furnace up and running!

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Last Updated: September 03, 2023