7 Warning Signs of an A/C Emergency

August 24, 2023

Now that spring has sprung, your heater will take an extended vacation and your A/C will be serving you for the next six months. To reduce the risk of a sudden A/C emergency, here are seven signs you should be on the lookout for.

1. Frequent Cycling

A cycle is when the air conditioner turns on for a certain period of time and then automatically turns off. When the air conditioner is working properly, the cycle length will vary according to the room’s temperature.

But if the air conditioner starts to turn on and off more often than usual, without sufficiently cooling the home, the air conditioner may need repairs.

2. Strange Sounds

If you notice the air conditioner making hissing, squealing, scraping, or thumping noises, you could have a problem with the unit’s internal parts, such as the fan belt, compressor, or even ductwork. A professional inspection could help identify the exact cause and get your A/C back to working properly.

3. Foul or Burning Odor

A burning smell can signal an electrical problem, with a part overheating and burning. This is a serious A/C emergency and should not be ignored. Call Roger The Plumber as soon as you notice a strange smell coming from the air conditioner.

4. Weak Airflow

If the air conditioner is not blowing any or or the airflow is very weak, the cause could be a clogged air filter, holes in the ductwork, failing compressor, or built-up debris in the ductwork. Be sure to schedule regular service and replace the air filter once every three months to help prevent this type of problem.

5. Warm Air

Warm air coming from the A/C could be caused by a bad capacitor, clogged filter, or low levels of refrigerant. Call Roger The Plumber to identify the cause and make the necessary repairs.

6. Water Leak Around The Unit

A water leak could indicate a clogged condensate drain line. In some cases, you may simply need to clean the drain line. In other instances, you’ll need to hire a professional to identify the cause.

7. High Utility Bills

Though it’s normal for energy expenditure to increase during hot seasons, a sudden spike could mean your system is no longer working efficiently. You may need to make repairs or you may just need a tune-up. Call Hamilton to schedule an inspection and ensure your A/C unit is in top condition.

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Last Updated: August 24, 2023