Backflow Prevention to Keep Out The Toxins

August 21, 2023

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You are probably asking yourself, what is backflow prevention? Or even, what does backflow even mean?

Backflow happens when a substance, other than your potable water, reverses its flow into your water supply. This usually happens when you have a drop in water pressure and that drop creates suction that pulls undesired substances through a pipe. Drops of water pressure can happen when a water main breaks or any large volumes of water are released. Think of it like a drinking straw, when you drink through a straw you are creating low pressure in the straw that draws the liquid into your mouth.

A backflow preventer is a devise that will shut off the water and prevent those undesirables from going either into your homes water supply or the city’s, when it senses that low pressure. All businesses are required to have one, but your home isn’t. Even though your home is not required to have one, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about getting one installed. These are made to prevent any toxins from getting into your or your communities water supply.

You may also want to talk to your neighbors about installing these along with you, because if they get backflow, that can affect you as well. If you are worried about getting any toxins from your neighbors a Halo water system may be right for you.

A Halo water system acts as a giant filter for your home’s water supply. It uses several carbon filters to take out any and all contaminates out of your water so all you get is crystal clear great tasting water.

If you are interested or you are wanting to know more about backflow prevention or Halo water filtration, feel free to give Hamilton a call at or text 913-227-4943.

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