Electrical Safety in Your Home

August 22, 2023

Electrical hazards can cause serious injury such as burns, shocks, and electrocution and sometimes even death. Knowing some precautions around electrical systems can help to prevent this.

Tips for Staying Safe around Electricity

  1. Always use caution when working near or with electricity
  2. Always assume that overhead wires are lethal. Never assume that a wire is safe to touch even if it is down or appears to be safe. Some wires are electrically charged with high amounts of voltage. Even when a wire is down or disconnected, there can still be electricity running through it that can shock or seriously hurt whoever touches it.
  3. If an overhead wire falls across your vehicle while you are driving, stay inside the vehicle and continue to drive away from the line. You never know what that wire will do to you if you try to leave your car or remove it. If your car engine stalls, do not leave your vehicle. Warn people not to touch the vehicle or the wire. Call or ask someone to call 911 or the local electric utility company and emergency services.
  4. Never operate electrical equipment while you are in standing in or near water. Water and electricity do not mix. Water can cause electrical equipment to spark and shock and it could seriously injure whoever is standing nearby.
  5. Never repair electrical cords or equipment unless qualified and authorized. This can again be a cause for injury if the person doing repairs does not have the proper equipment and safety guidelines.

Signs You Should Call a Professional

There are many things that could go wrong with your home’s Kansas City electrical system. It is important to be able to read the signs before something happens as electricity can be very dangerous.

Call a professional if…

  • You have outlets that spark
  • You have outlets that can no longer securely hold a plug
  • Anything on your electrical panel seems out of place
  • You frequently have blown fuses or tripped breakers
  • You see discolored or charred outlets and/ or switches
  • You detect an odd smell such as burning plastic
  • You may have a burning outlet or wire, this is very dangerous!

Have Your Home Electric System Checked Regularly

You should have a professional electrician inspect your home’s electrical system regularly even if nothing seems to be wrong to ensure that it is always safe. Remember to never replace or repair things such as wires or charred outlets by yourself, this can be very dangerous!

If you see anything electrical out of place or things such as charred outlets and switches in your home, call a professional immediately. For an electrical inspection or repairs, contact the experts at Hamilton Plumbing Heating A/C Rooter!

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