Everything You Need To Know About Bathroom Exhaust Fans

August 24, 2023

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You probably don’t pay much attention to the exhaust fan in your bathroom, but it actually offers quite a few benefits that are worth considering before you start searching for a new bathroom exhaust fan.

The Benefits Of A Bathroom Exhaust Fan

A properly functioning bathroom exhaust fan does the following:

Eliminates odors.

Unless your bathroom has a window, only an exhaust fan can effectively remove unpleasant odors. A timed exhaust fan that is connected to the lighting will turn on the fan when the light is switched on and continue running for a few minutes after the light is switched off.

Reduces humidity.

After showers or baths, it’s important that the excess moisture is removed as soon as possible to keep paint and wallpaper from peeling and to prevent the growth of mold. This is yet another reason why bathroom exhaust fans are crucial.

Reduces airborne contaminants.

Because the bathroom is cleaned with harsh chemicals, it’s important that they are removed by the exhaust fan to prevent them from spreading or from being inhaled by young children and the elderly.

Removes water vapor from mirrors and walls.

The fastest way to get your mirrors cleared up is to turn on the exhaust fan and open the doors.

3 Things To Consider When Searching For Bathroom Exhaust Fans

If your bathroom exhaust fan has stopped working or if you’re ready for an upgrade, here are three things to consider before making a purchase.

Noise level

The sound level of bathroom fans are measured in sones, not decibels. Sones measure how sound is perceived by the listener. The lower the rating number, the less noise is made by the fan.

Ability to remove humidity and odors

Air movement is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Bathrooms that are between 50 and 100 square feet would need about 1 CFM per square foot of floor space. So a bathroom that is 7’ by 10’ would require a 70 CFM fan.


Modern bathroom exhaust fans can do much more than simply remove humidity and odors. Some bathroom exhaust fans include lights, humidity/motion sensing, timer switches and heat lamps.

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Last Updated: August 24, 2023