Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready for Spring & Summer

August 22, 2023

Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready for Spring & Summer

With the weather starting to get warmer and the prospect of most of our favorite spring and summer spots remaining closed, it is time to get that air conditioner ready.

You may find yourself entertaining at home more this year and you want to be comfortable and avoid any problem when you really need it to be working.

Easy Tips for Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready

There are several things that you can do yourself before you need to call someone in to service it.


Clean the area all around the unit. Remove any garbage, growth or other debris that has made its way to the unit throughout the winter. Make sure nothing is blocking it or causing damage.

Wipe down the outside of the unit, as well. Get rid of leaves, dirt soot and all the months’ worth of dust and debris that will have settled there. Don’t try to clean inside.

You should also clean the ducts or have someone come in to do it for you. It can be a potential fire hazard if they are all clogged. Plus, it is much easier on your energy bill when everything is cleaned out and running smoothly.

Get Filters

You will need a new filter. It is a good idea to get several, as the warmer weather means the unit will be working more. Have enough filters to change it every four weeks, especially during the peak season.

Schedule a Maintenance Call

If you are knowledgeable enough to give the A/C a test run yourself, do so. Check for any strange noises and make note if something doesn’t seem to be working properly. This will give you something to tell the technician so they have a starting point for their diagnosis.

Your technician will start the unit to see if there are any problems. They can usually tell right away if there are issues or if there needs to be repairs or a replacement. If you’re interested in having a professional clean your A/C, make sure to mention that to the technician.


You may want to consider replacing your old unit for something more modern and energy-efficient. Many newer units also come with a programmable thermostat, which can help lower your energy bills.

You can also buy a programmable thermostat on its own if your air conditioner is still in great shape. These will help cut costs and save on the wear and tear of the unit.

Good Maintenance Makes Good Sense

Keeping your air conditioner in great running order will save on problems down the road. Repair bills can sometimes come close to the cost of a new unit. Additionally, depending on the age of your unit, new safety and environmental regulations may speed up your timeline faster than you were ready for. For example, starting January 1, 2020 any HVAC unit that uses R-22 refrigerant will be considered obsolete.

Preventative maintenance is key to ensuring your air conditioner will perform when the summer heat rolls around. Be the early bird and call us today at (913) 227-4943 or schedule a same day service online.

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