How to Endure Summer Heat During Emergency AC Replacement

August 23, 2023

How to Endure Summer Heat During Emergency AC Replacement

An absolute disaster has struck: your AC went out in the middle of a summer heat wave. You dial Hamilton Plumbing, Heating, A/C, Rooter and schedule emergency air conditioning replacement in Kansas City. But how do you endure the heat in the meantime? Here are a few tips for keeping your cool while our team installs your sanity-saving air conditioning system.

1. Avoid hot drinks

If you can’t seem to function without a hot cup of joe in the morning, consider making it a cold cup of coffee. Find cool drink alternatives to keep your body temperature low.

2. Wear light-colored clothing

In the summer, white is the new black. Choose light colored-clothing and you’ll feel the difference.

3. Close the blinds

While your AC is out, sunlight is your enemy — so don’t let it in the house. Take an early morning walk to get your daily dose of Vitamin D, but keep the blinds closed.

4. Check the insulation

If there are leaks around your doors or windows, now is the time to seal them. You could also apply window film for extra insulation.

5. Use fans to support ventilation

Get the cool air flowing throughout your home with strategically placed fans.

6. Place ice in front of the fan

Once you’ve got fans set up throughout the home, place pans filled with ice in front of the fan to create a misty breeze.

7. Cool sheets and blankets

If you’ll be spending the night without an air conditioner, consider cooling your sheets and blankets in the refrigerator for a few hours. But be sure to place them in a plastic bag to keep them from smelling like a leftover beef casserole.

8. Stay low

Heat rises, which means the hottest room in a home is the top floor and the top bed on a bunk bed. Place your mattress in the guest bedroom or even the living room if your bedroom on the second floor is feeling toasty.

9. Turn off the lights

Incandescent light bulbs emit 90% of their energy as heat which means after a few hours your room will feel warmer. Swap incandescent bulbs for eco-friendly alternatives.

10. Avoid using the stove or oven

This should be obvious, but the stove and oven should be off limits while your AC is out. Eat cold foods like sandwiches and salads, or eat out.

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