How to Prepare Your HVAC Unit for a Snowstorm

August 24, 2023

How to Prepare Your HVAC Unit for a Snowstorm

Winter is in full swing and homeowners should be prepared to weather a snowstorm. Here are a few ways to prepare the HVAC system for a serious snowstorm.

1.Check your home’s insulation for air leaks.

A heating system inspection will help homeowners spot potential problems and make the necessary repairs to prevent a serious breakdown. A preventative inspection can help homeowners save hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars in future repairs.

2. Keep extra filters on hand.

The HVAC system will be running overtime during a snowstorm, causing filters to wear out quicker. Homeowners should inspect the filters more frequently and replace them as necessary.

3. Clear vents.

Vents should be free to function without any obstructions, such as furniture, heavy drapes and clothing. Limiting airflow can make it difficult to maintain the temperature set on the thermostat and force the HVAC unit to work harder than necessary and cause premature breakdowns.

4. Invest in a generator.

A generator could become very useful if the power goes out during a storm and shuts off the HVAC system. Homeowners should take the time to do their research before purchasing a generator. Hamilton Plumbing, Heating, A/C, Rooter is happy to offer suggestions and tips for homeowners purchasing a generator.

5. Inspect your thermostat.

If the HVAC system fails to provide enough heat to reach the temperature set on the thermostat, then the reason could be a malfunctioning thermostat, a failed and overworked system or problems with the ductwork. It’s important to test the thermostat before heading into a snowstorm as homeowners could be stuck with ice cold indoor temperatures until the weather improves.

6. Clear debris, snow and ice away from your home’s exhaust pipes.

Heavy snow buildup can prevent the unit from defrosting properly and cause failures in condensing units and heat pumps that lead to restricted air flow and a severely shortened system lifespan.

7. Schedule an HVAC inspection

Hiring a technician is a great way to ensure nothing is missed or overlooked. During an inspection, the technician will inspect the motor, electrical switches and ducts for signs the HVAC system needs repair.

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Last Updated: August 24, 2023