How To Prevent Frozen Pipe Bursting

August 23, 2023

It’s December, and super cold temperatures are no doubt on their way for Kansas City homeowners. Unfortunately, when temperatures reach extremely low levels it can result in frozen pipes bursting. While not all will burst, it’s certainly possible as the ice inside the pipe expands and puts pressure on the pipe from the inside. Sometimes there is little damage, other times a frozen pipe will thaw with no harm done. However, there are occasions on which a burst water pipe can cause extensive damage, or leave your family hauling in water for days or longer.

Can frozen pipe bursting be prevented?

There are some things you can do if you notice a pipe in your home is frozen. First and foremost, thawing the pipe will reduce the chance it will burst. However, the first step to take is to turn the water supply off, and turn the faucets nearest the frozen pipe on. This releases pressure inside the pipe when the ice does start to thaw. After you have turned the faucets on and the water supply off, slowly run a hair dryer set on the lowest setting up and down the length of the pipes, beginning at the end closest to the faucet. This process should be slow, as getting in a hurry could result in a burst.

What should you do if a frozen pipe bursts despite your efforts?

Whether a pipe bursts before you notice it’s frozen or your efforts to thaw it are unsuccessful, the first thing you should do is shut off the water. Water can cause considerable damage to your home, and if the supply isn’t shut off you will have more water to deal with. You may also want to shut off the electricity in the affected area to reduce shock or electrocution risks while trying to remove excess water from your home. Most important of all, call a professional Kansas City plumber ASAP.

What should you do once you’ve called a plumber?

While the plumber is on the way (and possibly for hours or even days after), removing excess water is critical. Water is the most damaging element to a home and can not only damage floors, furnishings, and other items, but cause mold and mildew as well. Remove valuable items and furnishings from the immediately affected area at once. You may not be certain whether your homeowner’s insurance covers the damage caused by water, so prevent damage when possible.

Frozen pipes can be a real pain to deal with, but when a pipe bursts the problem becomes far worse. It is essential to call a reputable plumber immediately, so the damage can be kept to a minimum and the problem taken care of. At Hamilton Plumbing, Heating, A/C, Rooter, we will repair or replace pipes depending on the situation, helping your family return to a normal routine during the bitter cold Kansas City winters. Call us today at (913) 227-4943 or schedule your service online!

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