How to Replace The Water Filter In Your Refrigerator

August 23, 2023

How to Replace The Water Filter In Your Refrigerator

The water filter in the refrigerator plays a key role in providing clean and safe drinking water for the entire household. That’s why it’s important to replace the filter at least once every six months, or when you see the filter light come on. Take the following steps to replace the water filter in the refrigerator.

1. Check to see if it’s time to replace the water filter.

If you see an indicator light showing that it’s time to replace the water filter, then you know that the filter is no longer able to properly filter water and needs to be replaced. If your refrigerator doesn’t have a water filter light, then look for a sticker in the fridge to see when the filter was installed and when it needs to be changed.

2. Find the current water filter.

Most filters are located either at the base of the fridge or in the top right corner. In some cases, the filter may be mounted on the wall and connected to the fridge with small hoses.

3. Determine the type of filter you have.

Once you’ve removed the filter, check to see what kind it is:

  • Push-in filter. This filter has an eject button.
  • Twist-in filter. This filter will have a twist release knob.
  • In-line filter. This filter is attached to the back of the fridge or the wall.

4. Turn off the icemaker and water supply to the fridge.

Before removing the filter, switch off the ice machine to cut off the water supply. If you have an in-line filter, you’ll also need to turn off the water from the main supply.

5. Remove the water filter.

Depending on what type of filter you have, remove it using the eject button or knob.

6. Insert the new filter.

If you have a push and twist filter, align the new filter with the compartment and slide it into place.

For a push and twist filter, twist clockwise until it snaps into place.

7. Turn on the icemaker and water supply.

Once the filter is properly installed, turn on the ice machine and water supply. Also be sure to press and hold the “reset filter” button if your refrigerator has one.

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