HVAC Mistakes That Will Drive Up Your Cooling Costs in Kansas City

August 23, 2023

HVAC Mistakes That Will Drive Up Your Cooling Costs in Kansas City

The HVAC system plays an important role in the home, providing cool air during the summer and hot air during the winter. It also requires significant energy to function properly. Mistakes with the HVAC system could drive up costs — especially during seasons of extreme temperatures, such as the summer.

Here are a few HVAC mistakes to avoid and their solutions:

1. Skipping HVAC maintenance

If maintaining your car is key to driving safely to your destination, then maintaining your HVAC system is key to enjoying its benefits. You clean your car on a regular basis because you use it regularly. The HVAC system also needs to be cleaned so that it can continue to operate properly and efficiently. Homeowners should schedule professional HVAC maintenance before the summer season to ensure the system is well-prepared for increased demand.

2. Forgetting to replace air filters

Air filters can become clogged with dust, dirt, pollen, bacteria, and other contaminants. This makes it difficult for clean air to pass through, forcing the system to work harder than necessary and driving up energy costs. Replace the air filter at least four times each year.

3. Using an oversize HVAC system

If the system is too big for the home, the interior of the home may cool quickly but still experience high levels of humidity. Lowering the temperature won’t improve humidity levels but will just drive up energy costs.

4. Shutting off vents

Shutting vents will not lower costs or improve efficiency. In fact, it could actually cause the system to literally freeze. The ductwork in a central AC system is built to circulate air throughout the entire home. But if the cold air is not released into the home and warm air is not drawn into the system, the coils can become very cold and develop frost. This negatively impacts the entire HVAC system.

5. Not using a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows homeowners to set temperatures for particular times of the day according to their schedule. It’s important to know how to set a programmable thermostat to reap the benefits.

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