Questions to Ask When Replacing Your Home Equipment

August 23, 2023

Questions to Ask When Replacing Your Home Equipment

If you are a homeowner, then you know all too well how much work it takes to avoid serious repair issues. When trying to keep the inside of your home at a comfortable temperature, your HVAC unit will need to be running at peak efficiency. As time goes by, you may start to notice your existing unit having a hard time keeping up. In some instances, the unit can be repaired, but there will be times when the only way to remedy repair issues with an HVAC unit is by replacing.

Before having the HVAC unit in your home replaced, here are some of the questions you will need to ask.

What Size Unit is Needed?

In order to get the right replacement unit installed in your home, an HVAC professional will need to measure the square footage beforehand. By doing these types of measurements, an HVAC professional will be able to determine the size of the unit needed to adequately heat and cool the home.

Neglecting to have a professional measure your home can lead to the wrong unit being purchased. Having a unit that is too small can lead to it being overworked and wearing out prematurely.

How Efficient Will The New Unit Be?

If you are like most homeowners, then energy efficiency is one of the biggest concerns you have. Before deciding on which type of replacement unit to purchase, you will need to consult with a reputable HVAC company, like Hamilton, regarding which unit will be the most energy efficient. Even if a unit with a higher energy efficient rating costs more, it will be worth it due to the long term savings it can provide.

Does the Company in Question Offer a Service Plan For the Unit?

The only way you will be able to keep your new HVAC unit in good shape is by having it maintained by professionals on a regular basis. Trying to keep up with when your unit needs maintenance can be a bit difficult, which is why letting the professionals handle it is ideal. Most of the HVAC companies out there will offer service contracts.

By signing up for one of these contracts, you will not have to worry about whether or not your new HVAC unit is being properly maintained.

How Long Will The Installation Process Take?

If your HVAC unit breaks down during the dog days of summer or in the coldest months of winter, then getting it replaced in a hurry will be your top priority. By having a few estimates done, you will be able to find out which of the HVAC companies in your area can get the job done the fastest.

Getting a new, energy-efficient unit installed quickly is easy when hiring the team at Hamilton. Our experienced technicians will help you choose the right unit due to the extensive knowledge they have of the HVAC industry.

If you are tired of your existing HVAC unit breaking down when you need it the most, then contact the team or schedule your service with Hamilton today!

Last Updated: September 03, 2023