Smart Thermostats: Evolution of the Modern Home

August 23, 2023

The days of the Internet being confined to your laptop or mobile device are over, as we have already seen phones, watches and cars become “smarter” and fully integrated to the web. Now, recent technological advances are leading to a new trend—“The Smart Home.”

It’s like what movies and TV shows have been depicting for the last half-century: a single remote or button that can control everything in your house. However, this concept is no longer reserved for sci-fi and fantasy. Several inexpensive products are already on the market and allow you to control aspects of your home from your smartphone.

The modern day Smart Home starts with a central “hub” that connects all your devices together and acts as the brains of the entire system. Click the following link to see a side-by-side comparison of two popular Smart Home hubs.

Once a home has its “hub” several different smart compatible objects can then be paired and allow you to control things like the locks on your doors, light bulbs, and monitor all the activity that goes on throughout your home. One of these devices is a wireless leak detector that sends notifications and emails directly to your mobile phone when it senses even a drop of water leaking from a nearby fixture. These sensors can also link to a smart water shutoff valve that can automatically turn your water off when it finds a major leak. These are just a few of the smart devices that can be part of the home. For a full list click here.

The most popular object of the Smart Home trend has been the invention of the smart thermostat. Currently, there are two big name brands that produce these smart thermostats, Nest by Google and The Lyric by Honeywell. Unlike the devices that need to be linked to a “hub” these thermostats act as their own smart hub and can adapt to your behavior saving you hundreds on energy bills. Watch a demonstrational video here.

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