What to Do When Your A/C Isn’t Keeping Up in the Summer Heat

August 29, 2023

What to Do When Your A/C Isn’t Keeping Up in the Summer Heat

If your air conditioner is on its last legs, chances are it’ll stop working properly on the hottest day of the year. When this happens, you’re probably not the only person. Many HVAC companies experience a surge in emergency calls from people whose a/c isn’t keeping up in the summer heat. When the heat index hits the triple digits, having a properly working air conditioner is worth its weight in gold.

One thing to keep in mind is that your A/C is not designed to keep up with a 100-degree heat wave. An air conditioner is selected for each home based on the size of the home and the average summer temperature for your area. Did you know that your A/C cools a maximum of 20 degrees from the temperature outside? Say it’s 90 degrees outsideif the inside of your home is 70, then your A/C is functioning correctly.

8 Easy Steps You Can Take to Help Your Air Conditioner

1. Turn your thermostat up.

Give your A/C a break! The Department of Energy says that the recommended thermostat setting during the summer is 78. Turning your thermostat down doesn’t make the air any colder; it just makes your system run even longer to reach that lower temperature.

2. Close your blinds.

While sunlight makes your home bright and open looking, it also brings in the heat. When the sun has been shining on the surfaces in your home, those surfaces retain that heat. Solar shade screens are a good alternative as well. They block up to 90% of the sun’s rays. Good landscaping, such as trees or bushes, are also helpful in blocking the sun.

3. Use your grill instead of your oven, and air dry your clothes instead of using the dryer.

While this may not be the most comfortable option, you aren’t using any appliances that use massive amounts of energy.

4. Change your filter

Give your air filter a good visual and physical inspection. A clogged filter prevents air from circulating freely throughout the home. It’s also the easiest and most effective thing you can do to immediately affect how your A/C is running.

5. Open your air vents

Inspect the vents in every room of your home. Sometimes they are covered by furniture, which could be a culprit for restricted air flow, or have been closed in rooms that are not used often. As soon as all your vents are open, the air in your home will be able to circulate more regularly.

6. Use ceiling fans or box fans instead of your A/C.

Any air flow feels good when it’s unbearably hot outside.

7. Clear any obstructions from the unit

Most people think that an air conditioner makes cold air, but that isn’t how it works. The air conditioner removes heat from the air, which in turn reduces the temperature. A clogged outside unit cannot eject the heat it needs to cool down your home. First, make sure you turn off the power to the unit. Leaves, grass, dirt, animal hair and other garbage can get lodged inside the vents. You can use a soft brush or lightly spray the hose on the unit to remove any debris. Make sure that any plants nearby are kept properly trimmed as well.

8. Use a programmable thermostat.

Your A/C doesn’t need to run nonstop if you are not in the home. By using a smart thermostat, you’ll save money as it turns the system off when nobody is in the home. Many smart thermostats learn your schedule and have apps that make it easy to control temperatures when you’re not at home.

Call in an Expert

If you’ve tried all the tips above and you’re still not in comfortable temperatures, the time has come to call an expert. Schedule an appointment and have one of our experts come check the unit out for you. They can tell right away if you only need some small maintenance or other larger repairs.

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With many activities on hold this year, you want that air conditioner to be working for you. Make sure it is in top form to help you and your family get through the heat of the summer in comfort.

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Last Updated: October 19, 2023