Why The Future of Air Conditioners Could Be . . . Magnetic

August 23, 2023

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Your smartphone, TV, laptop and tablet have changed dramatically over the past decade. But how much do you know about advancements to air conditioners? If you were to guess, then you’d probably say that future air conditioners will be quieter, more efficient and eco-friendly. But have you ever imagined a magnetic air conditioner?

Traditional air conditioners use a liquid refrigerant to cool air. These air conditioners absorb heat from the environment. Gas is compressed and changes into a liquid once it cools down. But magnetic air conditioners use magnets and water instead of compressors and refrigerants to provide cool air.

How Magnetic Air Conditioners Work

A prototype developed and designed by the Astronautics Corporation of American has a wheel that contains a rare earth element called gadolinium. A stationary magnet provides a magnetic field over which the wheel spins. The magnetic material heats up when it is exposed to a magnetic field and the material cools when the magnetic field is switched off. This is called the magnetocaloric effect.

Gadolinium plays a key role in the process. The alloy heats up and cools as it passes through the magnetic field, cooling the water that surrounds it.

The Benefits of Magnetic Air Conditioners

Magnetic air conditioners are environmentally friendly (because they use water instead of refrigerant) and are much more efficient than traditional air conditioners. Though magnetic air conditioners do require electricity, they are much more efficient than traditional air conditioners that require compressors. Magnetic air conditioners may also help keep homes cool without increasing outdoor temperatures.

Where to Purchase a Magnetic Air Conditioner

At this time, we’re still a few years away from magnetic air conditioners available for public purchase. Once they’re available, they may be a bit pricey, but over time they will likely become less expensive and significantly more efficient than your traditional air conditioner.

So for now, it’s up to you to keep up on A/C maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency and lower costs. If you’ve got any questions about how to keep your A/C in top condition, give us a call!

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Last Updated: August 24, 2023