Zoned Temperature Control for Kansas City Homeowners

August 23, 2023

Many homes in the Kansas City area are equipped with traditional cooling/heating systems, those that control the temperature or comfort level throughout all rooms of a home. At Hamilton Plumbing, Heating, A/C, Rooter, we know this can be a problem, as some occupants of your home may prefer a room that’s cooler or warmer than the rest of your living spaces. In most cases, a two-level home will experience warmer temperatures in the upstairs area, because heat rises. With zoned temperature control, it’s possible for the members of your family to enjoy greater comfort, while reducing energy costs and improving HVAC efficiency.

How does zoned temperature control work?

Zoned temperature control helps avoid hot and cold spots in your home using dampers installed in the sealed ductwork that open and close based on the setting of the thermostat in each “zone” or area. Essentially, individual thermostats can be set by family members, so that each can enjoy the greatest comfort in the area they spend time in. Motorized dampers either restrict or allow the flow of conditioned air, depending on the thermostat setting. One member of your family can enjoy a cooler or warmer zone, without affecting the comfort of family members in other areas of the home.

What is a zone? It can be anything from a single bedroom or family room, a combination of rooms, or an entire floor of your home.

There are many advantages of zoning systems for Kansas City homeowners, including:

Zoned temperature control can be used to completely shut off areas of your home that aren’t frequently used so that you don’t cool or heat those areas unnecessarily. This improves the overall performance and efficiency of your air conditioning system or heat pump.

No more arguments over the thermostat setting! Some people are cold natured, others hot natured. This can result in disagreements over what temperature the thermostat should be set on. Every member of your home can enjoy greater indoor comfort.

Temperatures throughout your home can be made more consistent. Instead of hot or cold spots, you are in control of increasing or reducing the amount of conditioned air going into various zones in your home. This can make for more consistent temperatures in all areas of your home.

When a single thermostat controls your entire home, comfort level in various zones can be affected by many factors. For instance, there may be rooms that are exposed to afternoon sunlight, or rooms constructed at a later date built using different materials. Ultimately, traditional heating and air conditioning systems that employ a single thermostat to control indoor comfort throughout the entire home are not that effective in terms of uniform temperatures.

Is a zoning system right for you? Contact the Kansas City air conditioner installation professionals at Hamilton Plumbing, Heating, A/C, Rooter today to learn more about zoned temperature control, and how it may benefit your family’s comfort while saving on energy costs. Call us today at (913) 227-4943!

Last Updated: August 24, 2023