5 Ways to Heat Your Basement

August 21, 2023

5 Ways to Heat Your Basement

When renovating the basement, design is usually front of mind for homeowners and HVAC is an afterthought. But in the winter, basements will be significantly cooler and you’ll need to plan ahead for heating. Here are a few options homeowners can consider for heating the basement this winter.

1. Extend ductwork to use the HVAC system.

The most logical option for homes with an existing HVAC system is to simply extend the ductwork to the basement. Oftentimes, the ductwork is visible and accessible from the basement. This option is energy-efficient and the best for maintaining home value. In some cases, you may need to open up walls or install a new or improved system.

2. Hardwired baseboard heaters

A convection or hydronic electric baseboard heater can be hardwired into the home’s electrical system to heat the basement. Electric baseboard heaters are long metal units that run along the baseboard. For this option, homeowners will need to plan how much heat they’ll need for a given room.

3. Wood pellet stove

As the name suggests, a wood pellet stove burns wood pellets and uses a small fan to propel warm air. These pellets have a slow rate of combustion, but produce carbon monoxide that will need to be vented outdoors. This heating option may not fit with a contemporary or modern home design, but could be suitable for homes with a classic or traditional look.

A wood pellet stove requires a standard 110V plug-in outlet and uses pellets made of recycled materials to create heat. On the other hand, these stoves must be regularly replenished with fuel.

4. Electric space heater

An electric space heater plugs into a wall outlet and begins to blow hot air immediately. Fan-driven convection heaters are inexpensive but inefficient. Other electric heating options are micathermic heaters and portable radiators.

5. Combination of heat sources

A combination of electric baseboard heaters and an existing HVAC system could also be used to heat the basement. Be sure to have proper wall insulation, adequate subfloor, and underlayment to make the most of the heat in the basement.

If you need help choosing the right option, consider calling Roger The Plumber for professional HVAC services and recommendations.

Read more about why smart heating is the future of home heating and reach out to Hamilton Plumbing, Heating, A/C & Rooter for questions you may have about heating your basement.

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