7 Signs Your AC Unit is Low on Refrigerant

August 23, 2023

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If your air conditioner has been going steady all summer and is now struggling to keep your home cool, then you may need to look out for the following seven signs of low refrigerant, or Freon.

1. It takes a while for the home to cool down.

Low levels of refrigerant will keep your AC from functioning efficiently. This means the AC will need to be on for longer periods of time in order to lower indoor temperatures, leading to higher electricity costs.

2. Vents are blowing warm or lukewarm air.

When working properly, the air conditioner blows cold air into the home. If you feel warm or lukewarm air, then low refrigerant may be the cause.

3. The thermostat never reaches the set temperature.

Unless your thermostat is broken, it shouldn’t take too long for the temperature on the thermostat to reach your desired temperature. Be sure to call 4 Eco Services as soon as you notice this to add refrigerant to your AC unit.

4. The electrical bill is unusually high.

Compare this month’s electrical bill to the bill for the same month in previous years and check to see if there is a substantial difference. If there is, you may have low levels of refrigerant, which is causing your AC to work harder.

5. There is ice on refrigerant lines.

When refrigerant levels drop, the refrigerant pressure inside the evaporator coil drops, causing a drop in temperature as well. As a result, low refrigerant temperature causes ice to form on evaporator coils.

If you spot ice buildup on copper tubing or on the evaporator coil, then the air conditioner does not have enough refrigerant and you may have a leak in your refrigerant coils.

6. There is water on the floor near the furnace.

When the ice melts, you’ll notice puddles of water near the unit. Be sure to call 4 Eco Services for a thorough inspection and repair.

7. You hear hissing or bubbling.

An AC refrigerant leak can be detected if you hear hissing or bubbling. Avoid trying to fix the issue yourself, since refrigerant is a toxic chemical and should only be handled by a licensed technician.

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Last Updated: October 19, 2023