Reasons Why Your Toilet Might Be Bubbling

August 23, 2023

Reasons Why Your Toilet Might Be Bubbling

Home appliances routinely make strange noises and we usually ignore them — that is, until something stops working.

Your toilet is no exception. If you hear gurgling sounds or notice any bubbling, don’t write it off as something you’ll take care of later. Take the time to figure out what might be causing it and try simple methods to fix the problem. If home solutions don’t stop the bubbling, then you’ll need to call in the experts.

Potential Causes of Bubbling

A gurgling or bubbling toilet may be caused by blockages in two specific areas of the home’s plumbing system.

1. Toilet clogging

Someone in your home may have used too much toilet paper before they flushed. Or, they may have flushed something other than toilet paper and human waste down the drain. A great way to prevent a toilet clog is to instal a dual-flush toilet that can do a hard flush for heavier materials.

2. Calcifying elements

Sediment build-up in the toilet tank, from elements like magnesium, iron, or calcium, can cause a clog even if you’re being careful with what you’re flushing.

3. Clogged vent pipes

Many American Standard toilets have vent pipes leading to the roof, creating a risk of them getting clogged with debris, a bird’s nest, or the carcass of a small animal, such as a rodent or bat. Take a careful look, though, before you reach into the vent and pull out the clog.

4. Faulty cistern

A malfunctioning flapper in the cistern can cause the toilet to gurgle. Replacing the flapper can help solve the problem.

Simple Home Solutions

Before you call in the pros, here are a few steps you should take on your own.

1. Use a plunger

Begin by sealing nearby drains in the tub, shower, and sink to create enough pressure to dislodge the clog. You could use duct tape to prevent any leakages. Next, fit the plunger’s head into the toilet sink and plunge a few times.

2. Use a sewer snake

This tool is used to dislodge tough clogs trapped in the drain hole of a toilet sink. Clogs located close to the drain hole of the toilet, the sewer snake should get the job done.

3. Check the vent pipe

A clogged vent pipe restricts air flow, which could lead to toilet gurgling. You could use a garden hose to flush the debris down the pipe and through the sewer.

4. Schedule professional repair

If none of these steps stopped the toilet from bubbling, call Hamilton Plumbing, Heating, A/C, Rooter at (913) 227-4943 for professional inspection and repair today!

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Last Updated: August 24, 2023