Service Contracts – Yea or Nay?

August 23, 2023

Service Contracts – Yea or Nay?

Prior to investing in a HVAC repair or HVAC maintenance service plan, there are a number of basics you need to consider. While there is no question that all of these vital home systems need annual maintenance and service, you have to carefully consider whether or not signing up for a service contract is the best option.

If you operate dirty HVAC equipment or damaged plumbing components, it can result in an unnecessary loss of efficiency and may result in serious damage to your home.

There are a number of names that these service agreements go by, including:

  • Comfort Plan
  • Complete Comfort Agreement
  • HVAC/Plumbing Maintenance Contract
  • Planned Service Agreement
  • Home Warranty

While they have different names, they all offer the same, basic thing. They create a contract between you and your chosen service provider to service and maintain your plumbing and HVAC systems to help avoid expensive and inconvenient emergency service calls.

While the majority of these plans omit the “contract” work, it is essentially what they are. Be sure, however, to be cautious about, “warranty” companies before you purchase.

The Purpose Behind Service Contracts

There are two main purposes of service contracts:

  • To inspect that preventative maintenance is being performed on your equipment. A clean HVAC system and properly functioning plumbing system results in the need for fewer service calls than one that doesn’t receive regular maintenance. Also, the parts and equipment last longer.
  • To develop a partnership with you. Similar to a primary care provider, a service partner is able to keep record of services that have been rendered through the years. Clean and properly operating home systems work more efficiently, saving you money on utility and water bills.

It is also important to note that the majority of equipment manufacturers require you seek routine maintenance to receive the full warranty benefits.

Types of Service Agreements

In most cases, the service agreement offered by your HVAC or plumbing service provider is going to fall into one of three broad categories:

Home Warranties

These yearly agreements tend to have a hefty yearly membership cost and may come with the purchase of a new home. While they can be valuable for minor repairs, buyers beware. The repairs made are often a short-term solution that will guarantee a return to the home for more service.

The service calls generally have an additional fee that covers minimal service and if you don’t use them at all, you’re sure to pay about 4x the amount you would with a regular service partner plan with no checkups.

Regular Service Agreements

These plans vary by company. Some will offer an ale cart plan where customers can pick and choose what’s covered. Hamilton offers full coverage for both your hvac system and home plumbing for one low monthly price. The service included offers peace of mind throughout the year that your hvac equipment and plumbing are in proper working order. It also includes a VIP jump to the head of the line dispatch service, waiver of emergency fees and a 15% discount for selected services.

Are Service Agreements Right for You?

The bottom line is that service agreements are a smart option. They help to catch small problems with your HVAC or plumbing system before they become more extensive and expensive. In the long run, this can help you save money. They also provide you with peace of mind that your plumbing or HVAC system is getting the attention it needs on a regular basis.

The frequency of checkups depends on your service provider, but it is typically scheduled by monthly or quarterly to prevent serious issues from arising.

If you want to find a service agreement that offers a number of helpful features at affordable prices, then schedule a service online or contact Hamilton today. We offer a service agreement that fits your needs and budget.

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